How Drive-Thru Pre-Check systems can increase revenue and efficiency for your garage?

How Drive-Thru Pre-Check systems can increase revenue and efficiency for your garage?

Pre-Check systems are becoming more desirable for garages and customers alike, as an effective way of providing digital analysis of every vehicles condition as it enters the workshop by default. But as a relatively new investment for a workshop, understanding it’s worth to the business is important.


How can it increase revenue and efficiencies?


Pre-check systems as you drive into a garage can provide new revenue opportunities, depending upon what your pre-check unit scans. There are a various options and customisable additions available in the market including; wheel alignment, suspension, steering, tyre, body damage.


All are an opportunity to upsell and cross sell additional services to customers, which ordinarily may not have been picked up.


As many of the pre-check systems can offer contactless and automated technology this saves time for technicians, to allow them to get on with their important repair work, without clogging up service lanes.


The speed and accuracy at which they can detect and record information about a vehicle means customers are seen to quickly and results are produced digitally for easy storage and retrieval.


In addition, systems like this can make your garage stand out from others in the local area and add a sense of professionalism and innovation.


What cost effective options are available?


There are a range of pre-check solutions in the market, all ranging significantly in price, depending upon your requirements. But there are options out there that don’t have to cost the earth.


For example, the HPA-Faip iCheck 3.5 Top Alignment Check is an affordable drive-thru solution offering contactless front and rear axle measurement (total toe and camber) in Touchless mode, by one operator only. With the option to combine with the HPA-Faip iPROFILE, the device for checking automatic tyre tread depth measurement; is an affordable solution.


Here is a recent installation which has been completed by Straightset, the garage equipment experts who have partnered with HPA-Faip to bring a quality range of tyre and wheel equipment to the UK.


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