Workshop Furniture

Today, no vehicle workshop is complete without a garage workbench solution. While the primary purpose is functional; providing a sufficient surface to work on, storing necessary tools and equipment easily on hand for a technician to get the job done, within the work bay, the options and specification is vast. 

Whether your looking for highly customisable integrated workbenching systems from Shure, or mobile tool trolleys, we have a great range to suit any requirements and budget. Including workshop furniture from Botts and JAS. 

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  1. special tools cabinet
    Special Tool Storage Cabinets
    SKU: Special Tool Storage Cabinets
  2. TS8426
    Tool Storage Cabinet, Portable TS8426
    SKU: SHURE TS8426
    Brand: SHURE
  3. 40019152.11V
    Bott Suspended Cabinets For Framework Benches
    SKU: BOT40019152.11V
    Brand: BOTT
  4. 40019001.11V
    Bott Suspended Cabinets For Framework Benches
    SKU: BOT40019001.11V
    Brand: BOTT
  5. 800223
    Shure Ultra Deluxe Technician Cart,
    SKU: SHURE 800223
    Brand: SHURE
  6. TS7746
    Shure Tool Storage Cabinet TS7756
    SKU: TS7746
    Brand: SHURE
  7. TS7749
    Shure Tool Storage Cabinet TS7749
    SKU: TS7749
    Brand: SHURE
  8. TS7748
    Shure Tool Storage Cabinet TS7748
    SKU: TS7748
    Brand: SHURE
  9. TS7747
    Shure Tool Storage Cabinet TS7747
    SKU: TS7747
    Brand: SHURE
  10. TS7745
    Shure Tool Storage Cabinet TS7745
    SKU: TS7745
    Brand: SHURE
  11. TS6864
    Shure Tool Cabinet 16 Drawer
    Straightset part number: SHURE TS6864
    Brand: SHURE
    £0.00 Ex. VAT
    (£0 Inc. VAT)
  12. 811100
    Shure Tear-Down Bench
    SKU: SHURE 811100
    Brand: SHURE
  13. 791509-UK
    Shure TC3 6ft Workbench System
    SKU: 791509-UK
    Brand: SHURE
  14. 791508-UK
    Shure TC3 10ft Workbench System
    SKU: 791508-UK
    Brand: SHURE
  15. 800019
    Shure Standard Technician Cart
    SKU: SHURE 800019
    Brand: SHURE
  16. 800129
    Shure Mini Technician Cart
    SKU: SHURE 800129
    Brand: SHURE
  17. 800020
    Shure Deluxe Technician Cart
    SKU: SHURE 800020
    Brand: SHURE
  18. BMH (Liquid Storage Locker)
    JAS BMH Liquid Storage Locker
    Straightset part number: JASBMHL
    Brand: JAS
    £295.00 Ex. VAT
    (£354 Inc. VAT)
  19. BMH
    JAS BMH Double Steel Locker
    Straightset part number: JASBMH
    Brand: JAS
    £247.00 Ex. VAT
    (£296.4 Inc. VAT)
  20. BMG
    JAS BMG All Steel Cupboard
    Straightset part number: JASBMG
    Brand: JAS
    £309.00 Ex. VAT
    (£370.8 Inc. VAT)
  21. BMF
    Jas Bmf All Steel Cupboard
    Brand: JAS
  22. BMD
    Jas Bmd All Steel Cupboard
    Brand: JAS
  23. BMB
    Jas Bmb All Steel Cupboard
    Brand: JAS
  24. BMA
    Jas Bma All Steel Cupboard
    Brand: JAS

Items 1-30 of 103

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