Wheel Alignment Lifts

Our range of Wheel Alignment Lifts have been designed to meet the exacting standards that are required for use in the modern Motor vehicle workshop. All feature a high quality finish, robust build and a range of safety features to comply with all E.U., BSI and Health and Safety regulations. 

Wheel Alignment 4 post lifts are available with built in Rear Slide Plates, these four post lifts are compatible with most 2 wheel, 4 wheel and 3D Electronic wheel alignment systems on the market. Accurate levelling of the platforms is achieved by a locking ladder system built into the posts of the lift.

If you are unsure of the right vehicle lift for your workshop requirements, you can contact our friendly sales teams on 01909 480055, we are happy to help.

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  1. wheel alignment platform lift
    Space SF6402NI Scissor Lift, 4200kg
    • Electro-hydraulic scissor lift.
    • Capacity 4200 kg.
    • Wheel alignment runways
    • Also available with built-in wheel-free lift

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  2. Space Scissor Lift with Wheel Alignment Runways, 6000kg
    Space Scissor Lift with Wheel Alignment Runways, 6000kg
    • Electro-hydraulic scissor lift.
    • Capacity 6000 kg.
    • Wheel alignment runways
    • Option to have built-in wheel-free lift

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  3. car scissor lift
    Space Class 7 ATL Scissor Lift for Wheel Alignment
    • Electro-hydraulic platform scissor lift.
    • Class 7 ATL for wheel alignment.
    • Capacity 5000 kg.

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  4. Space 4-Post Wheel Alignment lift
    Space Class 4 MOT ATL for wheel alignment 4 Post Lift
    • Electro-hydraulic 4-post lift from Space.
    • Class 4 MOT ATL for wheel alignment.
    • Capacity 4000 kg.

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  5. werther 450/3D wheel alignment lift
    Werther 450/3D 4-Post Wheel Alignment Lift with 3D
    • Electro-hydraulic 4-post lift
    • 3D Wheel Alignment
    • 5 Tonne lifting capacity

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  6. Werther 443 ATLT 4 post wheel alignment lift
    Werther 443ATLT 4 Post Wheel Alignment Lift - 4T
    • Hydraulic 4 post lift
    • Suitable for wheel alignment
    • Lifting table with 3.5T capacity

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  7. UNI035.12470352D-0-5001-00
    Nussbaum Uni Lift 3500 NT Plus AMS Above Ground Scissor Lift

    • Hydraulic Scissor Lift with a lifting capacity of 3.5 Tonne

    • Above ground installation

    • Built on wheel free lift mounted on the runways, built on rear sliding plates and front recesses (5oomm) fr turntables, with wheel alignment ratchet

    • 4700mm runway length

    • Uni Lift NT is a flexible scissor lift suitable for a large range of tasks, several versions are available so you can customise your lift to your specific needs.

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8 Items

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