Tyre Changers

We have a range of tyre changers to cover all requirements, starting with the entry level Tyre Changer M320 and through various models to the top of the range M928 Royal. This Tyre Changer can cope with sports tyres with low profile and special Run Flat tyres. Wheel sizes of up to 28" Pneumatic tubeless re-seating and inflation assistant. 

We also have a range of VAG Approved Tyre Changers available here.

View our range of tyre changers from HPA-Faip.

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  1. VAS tyre changer
    HPA-Faip VAS 741 011 Automatic Tyre Changer
    • VAS Tyre Changer
    • With wheel lift, pneumatic bean presser and van wheel kit

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  2. VAS 6200 VAS approved tyre changer
    HPA-Faip VAS 6200 A Leverless Tyre Changer - VAS Approved
    • Universal Automatic Tyre Changer
    • 26"
    • Leverless
    • VAS Approved

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  3. 0-11106752 M928 Royal Tyre changer
    Hpa-faip M928 Royal Tyre Changer
    • Leverless Universal run-flat Tyre Changer
    • With "IP" System

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  4. HPA Tyre Changer
    Hpa-faip M422 2v 1ph Tyre Changer
    • Automatic Tyre Changer with tilting back
    • Can lock 22" rims from the outside
    • 2 speed motor
    • 1ph electric power
    • Special price packages with wheel balancers available

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  5. 0-11110422
    Hpa-faip M824 2v Fs Ll + Ally 90 Leverless Tyre Changer

    • Leverless Run-Flat Tyre Changer with tilting post

    • For rims up to 24" (outside)

    • IP System (Increased Power System)

    • ALLY 90 - Bead lifting / pressing device

    • 2 Speed motor

    Packages with Wheel Balancer available

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  6. HPA M624 Tyre Changer
    Hpa-faip M624 Fs, 2v Fully Automatic Tyre Changer
    • Automatic Tyre Changer with tilting post
    • Can lock up to 24" rims from the outside
    • IP System (increased power system)
    • Specific for high volume tyre shops, alloy wheel specialists, prestigious-marque dealers.

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7 Items

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