Supertracker is the renowned British manufacturer and supplier of wheel alignment equipment now only available at Straightset.

On 11th April 2022 Straightset purchased the Supertracker brand and most of its assets. Here at Straightset we can demonstrate, supply, install and service the full range of Supertracker equipment including popular models such as:


  • Laser Wheel Aligners - an effective and speedy process for aligning wheel, using beams of light to check cars wheels are aligned correctly.
    Laser wheel alignment machines include STR1 is available in a range of configurations from wall hung, mobile, without lightboxes. STRT4 and STRT3 Laser Truck Aligner for Twin Steer or Single Steer respectively.

View our handy video demonstration for a step-by-step guide on how to use the STR1 laser aligner. 


  • Computer Wheel Aligners - provides fast and accurate wheel alignment results, with the additional benefit of access to essential information from the vehicle databank.
    Computerised wheel aligners include STR130RW 6 Sensor Computer Aligner and STR420RW 8 Sensor Computer Aligner.

View our handy video demonstration for a step-by-step guide on how to use the CCD wheel aligner from Supertracker. 


If your not sure of the right Supertracker system for your needs you can use our useful comparison table.


If you are looking for Supertracker spare parts or aftercare services you can contact our service department on [email protected] or 01909 480055.


For more information about Supertracker you can visit the website here.

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