Are you ready for the Euro 6 Emissions changes?

Are you ready for the Euro 6 Emissions changes?
As you will be aware the Euro 6 Emissions rule requires all MOT testing to be conducted with an compliant Emissions Analyser by the 20th May 2018.
With a variety of machines and software currently in use, analysers fall into different categories.
  • Analysers that are already fully compliant, therefore requiring no action.
    Analysers requiring a software update.
    Analysers requiring a software and hardware update.
    Emissions analysers which will not be upgraded by manufacturers. 
If you require a replacement Emissions Analyser Straightset are an Approved Distributor of the Premier Combi Gas & Smoke Combined Analyser. The British built Combined Emissions Analyser which comes with integrated oil temperate and unique RPM measurement technology.
  • Every MOT stored to memory to enable instant retrieval & automatic reminders
    Fast test routines for increased productivity
    RPM & temperature via PC-COM multi RPM module
    Wireless diesel smoke head
    Operates down to -15C in all-weather conditions
    Fast pass, simple to use, speed up your smoke testing times
    Approved for Class 4, 7, HGV, PSV, RPC & SVA
With the new legislation taking affect on the 20th May 2018, do not delay by ordering your Premier Combi Analyser at a Special Price of £4,800 (ex VAT) —comes complete with 2 years major parts warranty, 1 year calibration (worth £433), delivery, installation and training.

Extended warranty and calibration contracts are available.

For a quotation or knowledgeable advice on how to be Euro 6 compliant contact Andrew Bates on 01909 480055 or