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One of the World’s leading Automotive Workshop Cabinet Manufacturers. Shure are renowned in the market for its durability, strength with each tool drawer handling a capacity of 200kg. This allows Shure to provide a ‘Lifetime warranty’ on all of its products.
Shure has various pre-configured workstations available and offers the flexibility to customise bespoke SHURETECH® workstations by selecting individual components such as tool storage cabinets, storage cabinets, service reel cabinets, waste cabinets, cart lockers, sink cabinets and in-ground lift power units from an almost inexhaustible list of options.

We advise that you contact one of our knowledgeable sales teams who can advise and design the right workshop furniture to meet your needs.
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  1. 791509-UK
    Shure TC3 6ft Workbench System
    SKU: 791509-UK
    Brand: SHURE
  2. 791508-UK
    Shure TC3 10ft Workbench System
    SKU: 791508-UK
    Brand: SHURE
  3. 800223
    Shure Ultra Deluxe Technician Cart
    SKU: SHURE 800223
    Brand: SHURE
  4. 800129
    Shure Mini Technician Cart
    SKU: SHURE 800129
    Brand: SHURE
  5. 800020
    Shure Deluxe Technician Cart
    SKU: SHURE 800020
    Brand: SHURE
  6. 800019
    Shure Standard Technician Cart
    SKU: SHURE 800019
    Brand: SHURE
  7. 811100
    Shure Tear-down Bench
    SKU: SHURE 811100
    Brand: SHURE
  8. TS7745
    Shure Tool Storage Cabinet TS7745
    SKU: TS7745
    Brand: SHURE
  9. TS7747
    Shure Tool Storage Cabinet TS7747
    SKU: TS7747
    Brand: SHURE
  10. TS7748
    Shure Tool Storage Cabinet TS7748
    SKU: TS7748
    Brand: SHURE
  11. TS7749
    Shure Tool Storage Cabinet TS7749
    SKU: TS7749
    Brand: SHURE
  12. TS7746
    Shure Tool Storage Cabinet TS7746
    SKU: TS7746
    Brand: SHURE
  13. TS6860
    Shure Tool Cabinet 16 Drawer
    SKU: SHURE TS6860
    Brand: SHURE
  14. TS6975
    Tool Cabinet 18 Drawer
    SKU: SHURE TS6975
    Brand: SHURE
  15. TS8425
    Shure Tool Cabinet 12 Drawer
    SKU: SHURE TS8425
    Brand: SHURE
  16. TS8427
    Shure Tool Cabinet 14 Drawer
    SKU: SHURE TS8427
    Brand: SHURE
  17. TS8426
    Shure Tool Cabinet 12 Drawer
    SKU: SHURE TS8426
    Brand: SHURE

17 Items

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Shure & Straightset

In Shure’s 75 years in the Automotive Industry there is no doubt, Straightset is hands down the best in designing, specifying, engineering, and installing state of the art workshop solutions for their customers. Straightset’s installs are a testament to their attention to detail and their ability to develop unique workshop solutions.

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