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Premier Combi Combined Petrol And Diesel Emissions Analyser

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  • British built combined petrol and diesel emission analyser
  • Integrated oil temperature
  • Unique RPM measurement technology
  • Equipment is not code locked
Full Description

British built combined petrol and diesel emission analyser with integrated oil temperature and unique RPM measurement technology.
• Every MOT test is stored to memory for instant retrieval and automatic print out of customer reminder letters.
• Wi-fi enabled PC with flexibility to run own programmes, CD Rom, 19" colour monitor, keyboard mouse and printer.
• 2 years parts only warranty.

Petrol emissions analyser
• Fast test routines for increased productivity
• RPM and temperature via PC-COM multi RPM module, reads engine speed and temperature from EOBD diagnostic socket on all EOBD compliant cars
• PD-COM provides additional flexibility of conventional RPM and oil dipstick probe for measurements on older model cars
• Future proof technology, PD-COM hardware is designed for upgrade to read fault codes from EOBD compliant vehicles, ensuring your new Premier combi-emissions analyser is ready for future MOT developments.

DS2m Diesel emissions analyser
• Wireless diesel smoke head, no more cables to break or trip over
• Remote operation of up to 100m of combi workstation
• Docking station ensures DS2 smokehead is always ready to use
• Operates down to -15C in all-weather conditions
• Fast pass, simple to use, speed up your smoke testing times
• Automatic calibration with every test, no more filters to lose or break
• Approved for Class 4, 7, HGV, PSV, RPC & SVA.

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