Equipment for Electric Vehicles

With electric vehicle car registrations increasing significantly its becoming more and more important to gear up your workshop up for the servicing of Electric Vehicles. 

Choosing the right equipment to meet the requirements of electric vehicles which are heavier due to the battery, will make a difference to the servicing of these vehicles. For our advice on how to gear up for servicing electric vehicles visit our knowledge hub. We supply, install and service a comprehensive range of vehicle lifts, battery lifting tables, tyre & wheel equipment, fume extraction and accessories all suitable for EV.

There are also a range of other considerations to ensure you are ready for servicing electric vehicles, including power supply, barriers, defibrillators, signage and accessories. Which we can advise on and supply.

For garages are workshops who are developing new workshops, we recommend speaking to knowledgeable installation planning teams, who can advise you on the right design and layout of your workshop to ensure maximum efficiency for servicing electric cars.

Straightset can help advise you on the workshop considerations you need to think about from workshop design to equipment choice. Contact our knowledgeable teams on 01909 480055 or

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  1. Engine lifting table
    Ravaglioli KT 100 Universal Lifting Table
    • Universal Lifting Table
    • 1 Tonne capacity

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  2. Rav KT200 Lifting Table
    Ravaglioli KT200 Universal Lifting Table 2T
    • Pneumo-Hydraulic Lifting Table
    • 2 Tonne lifting capacity

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  3. Beissbarth Q.Lign 3D wheel aligner
    Beissbarth Q.Lign Wheel Alignment system
    • Web-based 3D wheel aligner
    • Compact and mobile
    • Innovative Q.Grips and Auto ID target boards

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  4. Beissbarth Q.Lign T-Series Professional Wheel Alignment System
    Beissbarth Q.Lign T-Series Professional Wheel Alignment System
    • 3D technology
    • Versitile can be used when the vehicle is a floor level or working height
    • Tablet operation
    •  One of the most energy efficient and economical systems on the market

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  5. lift for electric vehicles
    Space SDX35 EV 2-post lift, 3.5 Tonne
    • 2-Post Lift
    • 3500kg capacity
    • Electro-mechanical
    • New model for electric vehicles

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  6. Beissbarth 3D wheel alignment system
    Beissbarth Easy 3D+ Wheel Alignment System
    • 3D Wheel Alignment System
    • ADAS compatable
    • Uses OEM manufacturer data
    • No space required at the head of the lift

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  7. 8 sensor wheel alignment
    Supertracker STR420RW 8 Sensor wheel alignment system
    • Computerised wheel alignment
    • 8 sensors
    • Available as hang on system or clamp system

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  8. HPA B345 C Evo Wheel Balancer
    HPA-Faip B345C Wheel Balancer
    • Electronic Wheel Balancer for cars, vans and motorcycle wheels
    • Electro-mechanical quick clamping and video display
    • Suitable for BMW/Mini/RR, Jaguar, Porsche, Aston Marti

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  9. HPA-Faip B225 Evo Wheel Balancer
    HPA-Faip B225 Evo Wheel Balancer
    • Electronic wheel balancer
    • Entry level
    • Suitable for low/medium thorugh put

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  10. Bahco 7811DMV Insulated Tools Set 11P 1/2
    Bahco 7811DMV Insulated Tools Set 11P 1/2
    £446.32 Ex. VAT
    (£535.58 Inc. VAT)

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