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Wheel Alignment Systems, Wheel Aligners, Wheel Alignment Equipment

We partner with HPA-Faip to supply and install their range of Wheel Alignment Equipment. Below is just some of the range of wheel aligners which include computerised wheel aligners, innovative imaging technology, tyre tread readers and VAG Approved wheel aligners. There are many variations and specifications available to suit your exact needs.

If you are unsure of the right wheel alignment machine for your needs contact our friendly sales teams for more information on 01909 480055 or

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  1. HPA-Faip VAS 6090 F Exact 7000 Plus II Radio Wheel Alignment System
    HPA-Faip VAS 6090 F Exact 7000 Plus II Radio Wheel Alignment System
    • VAS Approved Wheel Alignment System
    • Traditional 8 Sensors

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  2. 0-33217103
    HPA-Faip C500 1.1 Wheel Alignment System

    • Computerised wheel aligner

    • 8x4 wireless CCD sensors for radio or cable data transmission

    • User friendly alignment programme based on Windows XP.

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  3. C400 Wheel Alignment system
    Hpa-faip C400 1.1 Wheel Alignment System
    • Conventional wheel aligner, with PC, Windows O/S, keyboard, emergency cables.
    • Set of four 8CCD Radio 2,4GHz sensors with rechargeable AA-consumer batteries

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  4. 0-34200301 C1000 iNext wheel aligner
    Hpa-faip C1000 Inext Wheel Alignment System

    • Imaging technology equipment for comprehensive vehicle aligment

    • High resolution digital cameras

    • Console for PC.

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5 Items

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