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  • For check up and calibration of ADAS
  • For use on multi-brand vehicles
  • Fast and accurate position of PROADAS trolley in front of the vehicle thanks to optical sensor heads and the laser distance meters
Full Description

PROADAS is the universal system developed by HPA-Faip for the check up and calibration of driver assistance systems (ADAS) on multi-brand vehicles.

Ease of use, accuracy and maximum of ergonomics are some of the features of PROADAS, suitable for every user in the aftermarket business like car glass repairers, tire shops, bodyshops and mechanical workshops, with or without wheel aligner.

The advantages of this unique system are:

  1. Suitable for passenger cars and commercial vans.
  2. Adaptability to any lift or other working surface: the software compensates for the offset of the unlevelled platform on which the vehicle is placed.
  3. Compatibility with CCD wheel aligners produced by HPA-Faip: after the vehicle wheel alignment, the procedure of ADAS calibration may be launched straight away. PROADAS is aligned through the CCD sensor heads of the wheel aligner.
  4. Ergonomics: "everything at hand” in the compact main frame which is a real work station. The operator makes all the adjustments without moving around.
  5. Efficiency: just one operator is needed.
  6. Compliancy with the requirements of Car Manufacturers. 
  7. Accuracy: through CCD sensor heads the alignment main frame-vehicle is 100% guaranteed.
  8. Full report with the following data:
  • Workshop address - customer data
  • Inbound vehicle status
  • Adjustment values main frame-vehicle
  • Overall ADAS calibration results
  • Values of camber & toe (when AllInOne software is activated)
  • Outbound vehicle status.

Available in a range of different configurations (wheel alignment present or not), with a range of optional accessories including calibration panels for specific car manufacturers.

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Watch the introduction video for more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1EFjF5lEAM&t=26s

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