HPA-Faip Fast Check Tyre Tread & Alignment System

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  • Tyre tread reader
  • Alignment check
Full Description

HPA-Faip iCHECK 3.5 TOP Alignment Check

Version FULL for front and rear axle measurement (total toe and camber) in TOUCHLESS mode, by one operator only.

 Full-optional version including:

  • 1 Control unit with PC Mini ITX, multimedial mini-keyboard and trackball
  • 2 Contact-less measuring unit
  • 1 Multimedial 27” Monitor
  • 1 LT light platform kit
  • 2 Bull bar kit (4pcs tot)
  • 1 RIK (Rim Imaging Kit)
  • 1 Smart remote tablet + SW
  • 1 USB inkjet printer

HPA iPROFILE – Device for automatic tyre tread depth measurement, double laser scan-system. Integration with iCHECK. 3.5.

  •  iProfile Ramps for surface installation.
  •  Launcher Auto QR – Top software management package plus QR code system software and hardware and pair of cameras included

Can be bought as a complete set or individually, other options and models available. Add to quote for quick and convenient quotation direct to your inbox, alternatively contact our friendly sales teams for more information on 01909 480055 or info@straightset.co.uk.

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