Hpa-faip C400 1.1 Wheel Alignment System

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  • Conventional wheel aligner, with PC, Windows O/S, keyboard, emergency cables.
  • Set of four 8CCD Radio 2,4GHz sensors with rechargeable AA-consumer batteries
Full Description

HPA-faip C400 1.1 Wheel Alignment System (Radio Aligner), Universal positioning of unit, comprising of:
• Radio/CCD PC-based wheel aligner. 2.4 GHz industrial radio transmission.
• Cabinet for control unit on swivelling wheels. LCD colour monitor (optional).
• WINDOWS-based software. Alignment angle measurement with CCD goniometers.
• Built-in chargers in the measuring heads.
• Batteries in ""charger-position"" while hanged on the cabinet.
• Multibrand Data Bank with over 20,000 vehicles.
• "SIM card" technology for special programs and software upgrade.

Package available including:

C400 1.1 Wheel Aligner plus the following accessories:

  • 4-point clamp from 10"-21" with sliding pin
  • Pair of car mechanical turntables
  • ROC push-mode kit for tunrtables
  • 22" LED widescreen monitor
  • A4 colour inkjet printer set

Package Features:

  • Professional technology, incredible simplicity, and high versatility:
  • the best value set on the market today.
  • Easy operation, in compact size, thanks to wheeled cabinet & smart solutions:
  • consumer AA-type rechargeable batteries, "network-type" emergency cables.
  • Additional benefits from wider CCD camera measuring range (±25°) and LEDs for angle tolerances.
  • The professional and user-friendly HPA-Faip SW together with >40k vehicles data enhanche the package value!
  • Truck upgrade option with just SW update and specific accessories (clamps & turntables)
The best choice for wheel alignment professionals of light & heavy duty vehicles too!
The traditional CCD camera aligner for light vehicles, with flexible TTP HPA-FAIP SW (optional), also dedicated to trucks & bus thanks to the wide range of specific optional accessories.

When asking for a quote please specify if you are wanting the standard model or the package option. Add to quote for a quick and convenient quotation direct to your inbox, or contact our friendly sales teams for more information.

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