HPA-Faip Tyre Service & Wheel Alignment Promotional Packages

HPA-Faip Tyre Service & Wheel Alignment Promotional Packages

HPA-Faip a NEXION s.p.a brand, are a “proactive and innovative company which, continues to pursue quality and innovation” within the garage equipment sector. With particular focus on Tyre and Wheel Equipment from their manufacturing plant in Italy, HPA-Faip offer simplicity and reliability in in a sometimes-over-complicated marketplace.

Straightset have been supplying and installing HPA-Faip equipment for over 20 years and in collaboration with HPA-Faip bring range of promotional packages to suit the specific needs of our customers. These packages are straightforward and combine all the necessary accessories to fulfil workshops needs, dependent upon their typical throughput.


Tyre Service Packages

Combined Tyre Changers and Wheel Balancers packages with the associated accessories:

Bronze Package

Standard set for general garages with low through put

  • Automatic, variable speed tyre changer with “IP system”, 22” external clamping - M422 2V
  • Wheel balancer with LED display, auto DD input, manual clamping - B225 Evo
  • Suggested for Citreon, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ford, Vauxhall, Renault, Peugeot and Toyota dealers

Silver Package

Mid range set for busy garages with high through put

    • Fully automatic tyre changer with adjustable bead breaker, tubeless system, variable speed, 24” external clamping  - M624 2V FS
    • Wheel balancer with video display, auto DD input, 22” monitor and SMD Sonar Sensor - B335 EVO "Twinlight"
    • Suggested for Mercedes, Jeep, Land Rover, Lexus, VAS Group, Nissan, Volvo dealers.

      Gold Package

      Premium set for busy garages with high through put.

      • Lever-less tyre changer, RH fitting assistant, adjustable bead breaker, tubeless system, variable-speed motor “IP” system - 24" external clamping - M824 2V FS + ALLY 90
      • Wheel balancer with 22” monitor, electro-mechanic quick clamping, SMD Sonar Sensor - B345C EVO Speedo
      • Suggested for BMW/MINI/Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Porsche, Aston Martin dealers.

      Wheel Alignment Packages

      Wheel Alignment packages with associated accessories:

      • Basic professional with easy operation, compact in size, but advanced in measurement
      • High Professional technology, simplicity and versatility with CCD camera
      • High Premium for most demanding professional, highest volume of vehicles with electronic encoders in sensor heads
      • Prestige 3D Alignment to handle highest volumes of vehicles with complete accuracy and ease.
      • See the range here

      All Supplied in neutral RAL 7040 grey to compliment the look and feel of the workshops we supply.

       You can view the range of HPA-Faip Tyre & Wheel Equipment here.

      These packages are priced extremely competitively, with finance packages available. So, don’t delay and enquire about the right package to suit your needs. 

      For more information contact our friendly sales teams can help on 01909 480055 or info@straightset.co.uk.