Garage Equipment For Electric Vehicles | EV Workshop Advice

Garage Equipment For Electric Vehicles | EV Workshop Advice

As of the end of December 2021 there were more than 740,000 plug-in vehicles with nearly 395,000 BEVs and 350,000 PHEVs registered. *Source: SMMT

Its becomming even more important to consider to consider what you need for servicing Electric Vehicles. There are considerations to be take when looking to gear-up towards electric or hybrid vehicle servicing:


Vehicle lifts:

  • Wider than normal
  • Clear floor
  • Low profile arms - avoid scissor lifts
  • Supplemental vehicle securing by means of straps recommended when removing significant loads from a vehicle.
  • Ensure the lift provides the greatest amount of access to the underside of a vehicle.

We recommend the Space SDE 2357EV 2-Post lift with special articulated pad ends for EV vehicles.


Battery Lifting Tables:

A key addition to a workshop with an Electric Vehicle Bay will be a lifting table. With battery maintenance being a key part of the service of an electric vehicle, due to the battery being the largest and most expensive single component. A robust lift table for battery management will be required. There are a number on the market ranging significantly in price depending upon whether you want manual operation, electric operation, your capacity requirements, lift speed and lifting height considerations, considerations as well as key Health and Safety considerations.


Tyre & Wheel Equipment:

Whilst the requirements for tyre and wheel equipment on electric vehicles are no different than Petrol and Diesel vehicles, it is important to consider that due to the fact that electric cars weight 20-30% more and usually deliver significantly more torque, this has an impact on tyre wear. Therefore tyre sales and fitting play a significant part to EV vehicle support. We have a range of suitable wheel balancing, wheel alignment and tyre changers available from HPA-Faip.


Fume Extraction:

Ensuring fume extraction is in place for Electric battery changing is important by installing to the correct specification, different to exhaust extraction for ICEs. To speak to our knowledgeable teams about our fume extraction options, you can contact us on 01909 480055.

Other Considerations:

There are also a range of other considerations to ensure you are ready for servicing electric vehicles, including power supply, barriers, defibrillators, signage and accessories. Which we can advise on and supply.

For garages are workshops who are developing new workshops, we recommend speaking to knowledgeable installation planning teams, who can advise you on the right design and layout of your workshop to ensure maximum efficiency for servicing electric cars.


Here at Straightset we have over 30 years experience in the design, supply and installation of garage equipment. With this knowledge and our ability to constantly evolve, bring our customers the latest innovations, bespoke technology and solutions, you can rely on Straightset for all your garage equipment needs and to have the in-house skills to keep you operating.