Hpc Sx6 Rotary Screw Air Compressor

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• HPC Rotary Screw Air Compressor – Standard SX Model, compact compressed air power, user friendly and easy to maintain.

• 7.5 Bar Working Pressure

• 4kW Motor Size

Full Description

Design features and unrivalled build quality:

1. Two stage air intake filter to ensure the air for compression is clean and dust free to 3 micron.

2.SIGMA Profile airend dynamically balanced for quiet running and a pressure range of 3.5 - 15 bar

3.High efficiency EMEP EFF1* electric motor with thermal overload protection

4. SIGMA Fluid injection port for the sealing, cooling and lubrication within the airend.

5.Air/Oil separator with min/max oil level sight glasses, safety valve and pressure gauge.

6.Oil cooler designed for up to 15bar working pressure.

7. Micro oil filter designed specifically for higher pressure heavy duty operation.

8. Oil separation cartridge.& High flow, multi-stage high efficiency separation.& Oil carry-over typically 1-3ppm.

9. Minimum pressure non return valve to maintain internal off load pressure at 1.5 bar

10. Aftercooler typically provides compressed air discharge temperatures of 6 degrees c above ambient this means that less engergy is required to dry the air downstream.

11.Thermostatic valve controls the air intake of the compressor.

12. Air inlet valve controls the air intake of the compressor.

13. Control and Separator Vent Valve linked to operating pressure to ensure and maintain off-load running.

14. Belt Drive High efficiency positive drive allowing pressure flexibility of 0.5bar increments

Automatic belt tensioning device maintains optimum transmission adjustment

16. SIGMA Control and industrial PC with Intel microprocessor that manages and displays system operating parameters.

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