Vehicle Lift Arm Synchronisation | Vehicle Lift Help Guide

Vehicle Lift Arm Synchronisation | Vehicle Lift Help Guide

Whilst this question is asked quite frequently, it really is nothing to be alarmed by. Each lift manufacturer has set tolerances to which the lift will synchronise automatically. The causes of the pausing of the lifting carriage when raising or lowering a lift can be caused by the following:

  • The vehicle is not loaded centrally within the lift post

loading a vehicle lift safely

  • The safety cable is stretched, frayed or is not adjusted correctly
  • If the lift operates by two separate motors, one of the motors may be running at a slightly slower speed
  • Electronic counters sometimes become out of range and need re-adjustment
  • A service is required, to lubricate the nylon guides to help free running of the carriages

When operating electronically synchronized ramps, simply raising the ramp to the very top and lowered to the floor at the beginning of each day will reset the sync tolerances.

If this is a persistent fault, stop using the equipment and call our service team on 01909 480055.