Ask the right questions before replacing the equipment in your MOT Bay

Ask the right questions before replacing the equipment in your MOT Bay

Understanding the changes

The DVSA has been working on a roadmap for MOT connected equipment, enabling MOT test results to be automatically transferred to service without the need for manual data entry. 

If you are opening a new MOT station, reopening a closed MOT station, making a change of ownership to an existing MOT station, replacing existing equipment or adding an extra test lane you are now required by the DVSA to install connected equipment.

  • This already applies to Brake Testers, as of 1st October 2019.
  • Due to the pandemic the rollout was extended for other equipment, but announced only this month was exhaust gas analysers & diesel smoke meters are Gas Analysers from 1st May 2021.
  • The DVSA plans to introduce other types of connected equipment following on from successful trials, with Headlight Beam Testers due later in 2021.

Ensure the replacement equipment you are looking for meets the most recent requirements and ensure to ask the question before you buy.


Brake Testers

When choosing a replacement or new brake tester there are some important considerations:

  • Some brake testers can be upgraded, find out if you can upgrade your existing brake tester software, which depending upon the condition of your existing, as a cost-effective option.


  • If looking to replace an existing brake tester, its not just the cost of the new brake tester to consider, its likely to involve some element of building costs. Its important to get clarity on what building works are required. There are however some Brake Testers on the market which can be fitted into existing recesses without building works. We would recommend asking this type of questions when speaking to your suppliers. The BM 7110 is an example of one connected brake tester which can fit most existing recesses without the need for building works.


  • Another consideration to choosing a brake tester is discussing with your supplier if the brake tester is password protected for calibration. This should be a key consideration when investing in a new brake tester as this enables you to have the flexibility to change calibration contractor should you wish to rather than being forced to use 1 supplier to calibrate for the lifetime of the machine.


MOT Lifts

When looking to replace your MOT Lift, here are some considerations:

  1. The first question you should ask yourself is what work you want to do on your MOT lift. By covering all of the scope of work you want to achieve, you can narrow down the options available to you. For example:
    1. Do you do Class IV, Class VII testing?
    2. Do you want to do Wheel alignment?
    3. What are the types of vehicles you work on, as affects what capacity you require?


  1. Over the years lifts have generally got wider, lower and longer to accommodate the variety of vehicles on the market. Before replacing your MOT Lift ensure you’ve considered what replacement lift will fit into your existing space and more importantly if you want a lift recessed if what options there are of lifts to fit in the same recess. Working with a garage equipment company who can provide you with site surveys and professional drawings to find the right lifts for the space you have can help avoid any costly mistakes.


Introducing Straightset for your replacement needs

Straightset have over 30 years experience in the design, installation and aftercare of garage equipment into car and commercial workshops. Here’s just some of the reasons Straightset can help with your replacement requirements:

  • Completely independent of manufacturers therefore can provide genuine choice and flexibility from a large range of quality manufacturers, to provide the right equipment to meet your exact requirements. Including Space, Nussbaum, Slift, Werther, AMI, Premier Diagnostics, Becker, BM Autoteknik, Capalec, HPA-Faip to name a few.
  • Experienced drawing office and project managers who can clearly design your MOT Bay to meet your requirements.
  • Provide a clearly detailed quotation so you know what your getting.
  • Dedicated project managers to liaise with throughout the installation for a smooth replacement.
  • National footprint with over 45 highly trained and knowledge engineers across the UK.


For more information contact our friendly sales teams on 01909 480055.