ATL & MOT Bay Advice

ATL & MOT Bay Advice

When purchasing an ATL package the most important element (apart from the price tag) is to get the location and layout correct. Get it right and the installation should run smoothly, you will obtain VOSA approval quicker and when it’s all finished your mechanics will have equipment that is easy to use and is safe to work on. 

The process starts with a visit from our representative who will discuss all options with you. There are numerous permutations of equipment and layouts to choose from depending on your building size and shape and location of any service bays etc. Make good use of our time at this meeting to get a clear idea of the best location for the new ATL / MOT bay.    
Allow for good access for both vehicle and workshop personnel. The temptation is to position the equipment to the minimum clearances stipulated by VOSA, allow for a tolerance over and above these dimensions. Little errors can occur in the construction and it is easy to factor these into the design at an early stage but difficult to rectify later. Not only do you need the piece of mind that the bay will pass final inspection, but your testers need to be able to walk around the equipment in comfort. 

There are numerous options available when considering the specification of new ATL / MOT equipment these have been developed to either give more features or designed to fit into a small space.


  • Scissor and below ground lifts are available where the bay is narrow (no posts to walk around).

  • Plate brake testers can be installed on the floor surface, these are a good choice where it is not possible to dig the concrete floor up to construct a pit.
  • Headlight testers are available with lasers to enable quick and accurate alignment.

  • Roller brake testers have computer control – no more having to manually calculate imbalances.
  • Lifts that combined ATL and wheel alignment are an option where there is no space in your workshop for separate lifts to cover these operations.
  • Motorcycles are able to be tested on some specially adapted car roller brake testers.
  • Extra long lifts are available which will accept Long wheel base vans such as Mercedes Sprinter and VW Crafter. 

Now you have considered all options the design can be drawn for inclusion with your application to VOSA.