Lift Replacement - When & How Best to replace your vehicle lifts

Lift Replacement - When & How Best to replace your vehicle lifts

For any garage and workshop the vehicle lift can be one of, if not the, most important pieces of garage equipment. When its out of action it can have a significant impact on the running and profitability of the workshop. As with any piece of equipment, they all have a lifespan, and data proves that towards the end of a vehicle lifts lifespan, the number cost of keeping them operational increases with the age of the lift.


How long on average should you expect your vehicle lift to remain operational?

The lifespan of a vehicle lift can depend upon a variety of factors, including but not limited to:

Daily useage – fast fit tyre shops and dealerships can find their vehicle lifts operating up and down as much as 30 times a day, where as independent MOT stations may find a vehicle lift raised an lowered only a few times a day. Obviously, the more it is used, the quicker it wears.

Type / Make / model of vehicle lift – whether your lifts are electro-mechanical, electro-hydraulic, in ground, above ground, all play a factor on the expected lifespan. As does the manufacturer and the quality of the parts and assembly processes used at source.

Maintenance of vehicle lift – vehicle lifts which are serviced and maintained regularly in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, will last longer than those that are not properly maintained. Having a service maintenance program, with a reputable company, will delay the need to replace costly equipment.

Therefore, it is not a question of how long should a vehicle lift remain operational, but how much should a vehicle lift cost in breakdowns and repairs, before it logical to replace it.

As a rule of thumb, if a repair cost is half the value of the cost of the replacement equipment, it may be time to look to replace.



How Straightset can help with your lift replacement?


Having to replace single vehicle lifts or a full workshop of vehicle lifts at the same time, it can be a very costly and a disruptive process. Here at Straightset, we offer vehicle lift replacement options which keep disruption down to a minimum, and to get you up and running as soon as possible.

As independent garage equipment specialists, we have access to a vast range of vehicle lift options, to provide our customers with true choice and flexibility when it comes to replacement kit. We carefully select manufacturers with the same ethos as us offering aftercare packages which are second to none, where parts which can be easily sourced. With manufacturers including Slift, Nussbaum, Werther, AMI, Nederman, Beissbarth, HPA-Faip, HPC, Premier, Shure, Atlas Copco, Majorlift, Bahco to name a few.

Having a service contract in place for your equipment, is the best way to delay replacement as long as possible. Straightset have one of the most thorough preventative maintenance packages on the market, servicing your equipment safely and effectively to delay future replacement as much as possible. In addition, using our sophisticated service management software, we can analyse the cost of your equipment over time. This will provide you with actionable reporting to aid your replacement decisions moving forwards, based upon how much the lift is costing you, not the age of the lift.

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