Commercial Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment solutions from HPA-Faip

Commercial Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment solutions from HPA-Faip

When it comes to smart, professional solutions for wheel balancing and wheel alignment for Commercial Vehicle tyres, HPA-Faip, has the range and specification for any commercial workshop. All HPA-Faip products are available via Straightset, who have partnered with the brand of the Italian NEXION group for over 20 years. Here are some of the newest systems to the range.

Commercial Wheel Balancers from HPA-Faip

HPA-Faip’s wide range was recently integrated with 2 new models directed to specific users with particular needs and targets.

1. Bravoline B75 Truck

truck wheel balancer

The new universal model suitable to truck, bus & car wheels, able to satisfy the multiple needs of independent workshops working with both passenger & commercial wheels.

Thanks to its dimensions, the integrated lifter (200kg capacity) and the 40mm diameter shaft, the unit can use different cones and flanges & thus balance standard wheels of cars & vans as well as big wheels of bus & lorries.

Complete with all traditional balancing programs, it can operate in two separate ranges (TRUCK & CAR menus) and features latest generation SW & HW solutions usually available on car balancers only.

The unique InverTech technology provides automatic spin & brake of the wheel, with its consequent rotation to the specific balancing weight application position (RPA), that ensures better spin speed control for improved measuring stability: high performance, reliability & precise measurements.

Bravoline B75 Truck can be further enriched thanks to the Laser & Led kit, which provides a useful double aid: Laser stripe at 6 o’clock position for easy adhesive counterweights application, together with a Led light illuminating the work area.

2. T500 Truck

T500 truck wheel balancer

The T 500 Truck wheel balancer is a smart portable wheel balancer for truck and bus wheels only. This compact hand-spin balancer is suitable for any truck tyre changer with traditional clamping chuck, thanks to its easy and quick mounting system. Portable in one hand, it is a smart tool specific for the needs of modern tyre operators: Mobile Service purposes and use in little-room workshops.

Its simple but effective features always guarantee correct balancing operations with limited investment: hand-spin operation, manual data input, lifting and braking of wheels by the tyre changer arm, rechargeable battery powered or connection to 12V battery on mobile service van.

Commercial Wheel Alignment Systems from HPA-Faip

The long HPA-Faip tradition in this field contributed to the launch of the new C 400 iNEXT.

Commercial wheel aligner

This traditional PC-based model has been developed for budget conscious workshops keen to offer professional alignment checks to both light & HD vehicles.

Including 4 radio wireless sensor heads with 8 CCD cameras on extra long arms and the well-known HPA-Faip effective alignment SW, C 400 iNEXT is a flexible alignment solution for professionals working with passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

 Thanks to the wheeled cabinet, the aligner can be moved between multiple bays and deliver accurate and precise measurements.

As a difference with other alignment systems that have light or HD dedicated models, it fits all vehicles just using the specific accessories available.

With just HD accessories and specific SW+DB module, it can be used to align trucks, bus and trailers, using the same central unit and set of sensors with a complete guided procedure.

These featured commercial products as well as the full range of HPA-Faip car and commercial tyre equipment are supplied via Straightset. You can can request a quotation direct to your inbox, alternatively you can contact our sales teams on 01909 480055 or