Bahco’s Tool Management System brings order to any workshop

Bahco’s Tool Management System brings order to any workshop

Bahco’s Ergonomic Tool Management System enables automotive engineers and technicians to specify exactly what they need in terms of trolley size and drawer profiling, bringing order to any workshop.

Being able to find whatever tool or accessory is needed quickly and easily helps users to work more efficiently, with reduced stress. 

The ability to see at a glance which tools are in use at any time, simply because they are not in their designated storage space, helps combat the risk of foreign object debris and the potential damage to vehicles it can cause.

Bahco’s easily navigated Configurator software makes light work of specifying,  enabling customers to choose the size, format and colour of tool cabinets and trolleys, decide how many drawers they need and how they should be profiled to hold each group of tools or equipment.

Foam inlays in each drawer are made from lubricant resistant material and are customised to provide the logical, purpose-designed layout of tools and equipment which engineers and technicians require.

The latest additions to the range are tool management and storage trolleys manufactured entirely in stainless steel, with drawers lined with specialist material and profiled to hold stainless steel tools and attachments.

Bahco automotive tools and garage equipment are renowned for design innovation, durability and reliable performance delivery. Professionals say they can feel the quality of Bahco tools as soon as they pick one up; they are superbly balanced and their ERGO™ ergonomic tools protect even the toughest hands against the risk of muscle strain or injury.