HPC SM10T Rotary Screw Air Compressor With Drier

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• HPC Rotary Screw Air Compressor – SM-T Model, with integrated refrigerant dryer • 10 Bar Working Pressure • 5.5kW Motor Size

Full Description

Complete unit - Ready for operation, fully automatic, super silenced, vibration damped, all panels powder coated.

Sound insulation - Line with washable foam, anti-vibration mounts, double vibration damped

Airend - Genuine KAESER rotary screw, single stage airend with SIGMAN PROFILE and cooling fluid injection for optimised rotor cooling.

Electric Motor - German made premium efficiency (EFF1) electric motor to IP55 (SM12/IP 54) and insulation class F for additional reserve.

V-belt drive with automatic belt tensioning - Durable V-belt drive with automatic tensioning device for extended belt life.

Fluid and air flow - Honeycombed dry-air filter, pneumatic inlet and vent valves, cooling fluid reservoir with three-stage separator system, pressure release valve, minimum pressure/check valve, thermostatic valve and micro-filter in cooling fluid system

Cooling - Air cooled; separate aluminium coolers for compressed air and cooling fluid, dual-flow fan fitted to motor drive shaft.

Electrical components - Ventilated control cabinet to IP54, automatic star-delta starter; motor-overload protection; control transformer.

SIGMA Control - Interfaces for data communication comprising; RS 232 for a modem, RS 485 for a slave compressor in base-load sequencing mode, Profibus DP interface for data networks. Prepared for Teleservice.
Ergonomic control panel - Red, yellow and green LEDs show operational status at a glance. Also features a plain text display, 30 selectable languages, touch keys with icons and a duty cycle indicator.

Prime functions - Fully automatic monitoring and regulation of airend discharge temperature, motor current, direction of airend rotation, air filter, fluid filter and fluid separator cartridge, display of performance data, service intervals of primary components, operating hours, status data and event memory data. Selection of Dual, Quadro, Vario and Continuous control modes as required.

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