1 Filter Regulator

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Full Description

1" Filter Regulator. Part No. B68G-NNK-AR3-RLNNorgren 1" Filter Regulator, Part No. AIR000048 or B68G-NNK-AR3-RLN

Olympian Plus plug in system
Effective liquid removal and positive solid particle filtration
Large filter element area provides minimum pressure drop
High flow unit with large valve and diaphragm
Push to lock adjusting knob with tamper resistant option
Excellent flow and regulation characteristics

Technical Data
Fluid: Compressed air
Maximum pressure: 17 bar (250 psig)
Operating temperature*: -20° to +80°C (0° to +175°F)
* Air supply must be dry enough to avoid ice formation at temperatures below +2°C (+35°F).
Partical removal: 5, 25 or 40 μm
Air quality: Within ISO 8573-1, Class 3 and Class 5 (particulates)
Typical flow at 10 bar (150 psig) inlet pressure, 6,3 bar (90 psig) set pressure and a droop of 1 bar (15 psig) from set:
240 dm3/s (509 scfm)
1/4 turn manual drain connection: 1/8" pipe thread
Automatic drain connection: 1/8" pipe thread
Automatic drain operating conditions (float operated):
Bowl pressure required to close drain: Greater than 0,3 bar (5 psig)
Bowl pressure required to open drain: Less than 0,2 bar (3 psig)
Minimum air flow required to close drain: 1 dm3/s (2 scfm)
Manual operation: Depress pin inside drain outlet to drain bowl
Nominal bowl size:
0,5 litre (1 pint U.S.)
1 litre (1 quart U.S.)
Gauge ports:
1/8 PTF with PTF yoke ports
Rc1/8 with ISO Rc yoke ports
Rc1/8 with ISO G yoke ports
Body: Aluminium
Yoke: Aluminium
Bonnet: Aluminium
Adjusting knob: Acetal resin
Optional T-bar adjusting screw: Steel
Valve: Aluminium
Bowl: Aluminium
Sight glass: Pyrex
Element: Sintered bronze
Elastomers: Synthetic rubber

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