1/2. 110v Solenoid

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1/2" 110v Solenoid. M 1/2" 110v Solenoid Valve, Part No. AIR000028/1 or D289DBW9
Instructions for use, installation and maintenance

Body in forged brass or stainless steel
Class F Class H coils
Electrical connections for DIN 43650 connector
Protection class: IP 65 (with properly installed plug)


For the valve ratings, please refer to the round plate fixed above the coil.
For the coil ratings, please refer to the adhesive label on the coil.


This product will contain fluid under pressure.; Improper use could be dangerous and damage people and things.; This product is not a safety device and must not be used as sole device to prevent the over-pressure of some parts of the plant or the containment of dangerous fluids.
Read carefully the manufacturers instructions before installation, start-up and maintenance.
Check for the operating conditions on product label and on the technical documents (pressure, temperature, fluid, electrical supply) before installation, start-up and maintenance.
Respect the flow direction indicated with an arrow on the valve body, the flow is from port 1 for 2-way valves and from port 2 for 3-way valves.; Valves with an arrow printed on the body can work only in that direction.
Before disconnecting or disassembling the valve, make sure that there is no pressure inside the tubing or the inside the valve itself.
Use only original spare parts supplied by the manufacturer.
Do not exceed the limits of pressure, temperature and voltage given by the manufacturer and shown on the product label and on the technical documents.
Do not remove labels neither from the valve nor from the coil.
Check for compatibility between the fluid and the material of the valve before installation and start-up.; In case of doubt, please contact the manufacturer.
Always connect the coils earth terminal to ground.; Do not use the tubes for the transport of fluids to ground electrical devices.
Valve must be supported only by the provided connections, where foreseen.; Tubes must not transmit static load or vibrations to the valve.; Do not use the valve as a support for other equipment or fittings.
The fixing holes, where provided, or anything else on the valve body must not be modified.; Whilst tightening or unscrewing the valve must be held or revolved only and exclusively by the hexagon or the frame set.; The use of other components such as coil, armature or cover could cause irreparable damage to the valve.
Care should be taken to prevent foreign bodies - dirt or material chips - from entering the valve during the assembly phase.; In those installation where impurities or deposit of various types may infiltrate the fluid, the installation of a suitable filter is recommended.
Use suitable seal material on the valve threads.; In those installations where liquid cement are used, it is important to prevent them from entering the valve and block the movement.
Do not shut the holes of pilot operated solenoid valve circuit.
The coil should not be energized before being installed on the valve or without the armature assembly inside since this could cause make it burn out or break.


Read carefully the manufacturers instructions before installation and start-up.
Follow the manufacturers instruction before installation and start-up.
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