MOT & ATL Lifts

Our range of ATL & MOT 4 Post Lifts have been designed to meet the exacting standards that are required by DVSA for Class VI, IIV and V Light testing. All feature a high quality finish, robust build and a range of safety features to comply with all European Union, British Standards Institute and Health and Safety regulations. 

ATL Four post lifts are able to be fitted to the surface of your workshop floor or sunk into a recess. The recessed lift is the most common for ATL / MOT as it give a shorter bay, saving space. 

We have solutions to replace Old existing recessed Four Post Lifts with New ATL / MOT Four Post Lifts without costly alterations to the existing recess (dependant on a site survey). 

If you are unsure of the right vehicle lift for your workshop requirements, you can contact our friendly sales teams on 01909 480055, we are happy to help.

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  1. Werther 450JC5 4-Post Lift, 5 Tonne
    Werther 450JC5 4-Post Lift, 5 Tonne
    • Electro-hydraulic 4-Post Lift
    • Lifting capacity of 5 Tonne
    • MOT VII ATL VOSA Approved

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