BM Autoteknik B7010 Brake Tester - Class 7

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  • Class 7 Brake Tester
  • Axle loads up to 3500 kg
  • Ability to replace existing brake tester with no building works (in most cases)
Full Description

Major benefit of the BM4010 Brake Tester is that in most cases the sizing and configuration means that it can easily replace existing brake testers without building works required.

BM7010 is a strong in-ground brake tester for light vehicles with axle loads up to 3500 kg. The design of the BM7010 is unique on the market due to the “split roller bed” system. The brake tester roller set is hot-galvanized and together with the aluminium display, it can be installed both in- and outdoors. BM7010 is also prepared for test line expansion including suspension tester and side slip tester all controlled from the same electronics with results shown in one display. 

Standard wheel track at min. 880 to max. 2080 mm.

Large and easy-to-read aluminium display with analogue and digital readout of all relevant test data.

The brake tester features a long range of options which allows for a configuration that can meet most customer requirements such as: 

  • Display mounted on stand or wall.
  • Windows smartphone and tablet.
  • Infra red remote control.
  • Pedal force meter.
  • A4 printer.
  • PC Windows software.
  • Test af 4x4 driven vehicles.
  • Adjustable roller set for wider wheel tracks whereby caravans can be tested: - Min. 980 mm to max. 2850 mm - Min. 1400 mm to max. 2580 mm
  • Heating package for outdoor installation.
  • Galvanized subframes


Roller bed per side

L x W x H

910 x 800 x 220 mm

Subframe for split bed installation per side

L x W x H

965 x 855 x 250 mm

Roller diameter


175 mm

Roller length


600 mm

Friction coefficient of roller from factory

dry / wet

Min 0.7 / 0.6

Wheel span (can be customised)


880 to 2080

Distance between roller centres


350 mm

Maximum test axle weight


3500 kg

Maximum drive over axle weight


4000 kg

Gear motor size


3.8 kW

Max. brake force measurement


750 daN

Test speed


4.5 km/h


L x W x H

735 x 500 x 140 mm

Display brake force scale


0 - 620 daN

Brake force measuring accuracy


0 – 100 daN: ± 1 daN

> 100 daN: ± 1 % FS

Pedal force measurement accuracy


0 – 100 daN: ± 1 daN

Power and fuses


3 x 400 Vac + N + PE

Minimum 20 Amp

3x230 Vac + PE

Minimum 35 Amp

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