Nussbaum Smart Lift 2.30 Sl Mm 2-post Lift

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• Electro-Mechanical 2-Post lift for passenger cars

• Lowest lifting point (75mm) adjustable height adaptors "MINI MAX" from 75-185mm

• With a lifting capacity of 3 Tonne

• The Smart Lift is the original universal Nussbaum Lift, with more than 100,000 units installed worldwide.

Full Description

The Nussbaum Smart Lift 2.30 SL MM 2-post lift with MINI MAX adaptor arms with a special low pick-up point, for easy and convenient to lift lowered vehicles and for cars with pressed side skirts.
• 2-post-lift with simple cable top connection.
• No base frame.
• Asymmetric lifting arms, asymmetric carriages "“ free access to the car doors.
• Short lifting arm 180° swivelling.
• Control panel integrated in the column with LED display.
• Electronical synchronisation.
• Electromechanical with 2 motors and 2 rolled screws.
• Low wear Nylatron-nut, very quiet operation.
• Power transmission by multiple v-belt.
• Low lowest lifting point (75 mm), adjustable height adapters ""MINI MAX"" from 75-185 mm.
• Available with or without energy set. Energy set option integrated in operating column (230V and air supply)

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