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Mercedes-Benz Equipment

Straightset has a portfolio of garage equipment which is suitable for Mercedes Benz cars, including vehicle lifts, tyre and wheel equipment and MOT Equipment. 

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  1. HLNT235.0000100MB
    Nussbaum Power Lift HL 2.35 NT MB

    • Hydraulic 2-Post lift for passenger cars, cross-country vehicles (G-/M-Class)

    • Homologated by Mercedes Benz

    • With asymmetric lifting arms

    • Power Lift HL NT features Nussbaum's NT and patented HyperFlow technology, fast lifting time and low maintenance.

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  2. 1692104334
    Beissbarth MLD110 Headlight Tester, Mercedes Benz approved

    • Headlight beam tester - Analogue system for all types of headlights and light sources

    • Mercedes-Benz Approved

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