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Beissbarth Wheel Balancers

As approved distributors of the Beissbarth Wheel Balancers, we can advise you on the right wheel balancer for your needs. Beissbarth have a great range of electronic wheel balancers suitable for low, medium and high volume workshops, from the compact MT826 to the high specification of the MT869ADT, the range of Beissbarth Wheel Balancers below are OEM approved.

The range of MT849 and MT869 are now to be phased out and replaced with the new MT Zero 6 range, which you can view below. Information about the launch of this range can be found here.

Contact our friendly sales teams on 01909 480055 for more information or 'add to quote' for a quick and convenient quotation.

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  1. beissbarth vas 741 081 zero 6 wheel balancer
    Beissbarth VAS 741 081 MT Zero 6 Wheel Balancer
    • Brand new range
    • VW Homologated
    • All the features of the Touch + Ergonomic wheel lift and pneumatic long shaft (240mm)

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  2. beissbarth mt zero 6 touch awl wheel balancer
    Beissbarth MT Zero 6 Touch AWL Wheel Balancer
    • Brand new range
    • Touch screen monitor
    • For high volumes of wheel services
    • 3 versions available: AW, AWL and AWLP

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  3. beissbarth zero 6 lcd awl
    Beissbarth MT Zero 6 LCD AWL Wheel Balancer
    • Brand new range
    • LCD Digital display
    • For high volumes of wheel services
    • 3 versions available: AW, AWL, AWLP

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  4. 1694201050
    Beissbarth MT826 D OEM Wheel Balancer

    • Compact design – suitable for narrow environments

    • 11 balancing programs for passenger car, light trucks and motorcycle wheels

    • EasyFit arm for rim distance and diameter measures

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  5. 1694200373
    Beissbarth Mt837d Oem Wheel Balancer
    • Simple and quick balancing
    • Standard flange for wheels up to 70kg
    • 40" rim
    • Double-LED
    • Easyfit® arm with automatic measurement of diameter and distance for time saving and for better productivity

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  6. 1694200739
    Beissbarth Mt857dt Oem Wheel Balancer
    • Easyfit recording arm and external data arm
    • 11 programmes for passenger cars - 5 programmes for motorcycle - 5 programmes for light alloy rims
    • For wheels up to 70kg
    • 40" rim
    • 19" TFT monitor & keyboard

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  7. 1694200960
    Beissbarth Mt869adpt Oem Wheel Balancer

    • Electronic wheel balancer for passenger car with TFT-Monitor

    • Pneumatic locking system

    • For wheels up to 80kg

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