Beissbarth Tyre Changers

As approved distributors of the Beissbarth Tyre Changers, we can advise you on the right tyre changer for your needs.

Beissbarth tiliting back pole tyre changers range from 20" external clamping turntables to 22", 24", 28" and 30", to meet the requirements of medium to high volume workshops. All models of tyre changers come with options of power supply, including 1 phase and 3 phase options, which are detailed in the product desciptions for each model.

Straightset have access to the full range of tyre changers, we have however listed the most popular tyre changers in the range.

  • V1 - Tecnoroller NG (this unit has a standard tyre bead breaking operation, where the operator has to operate a foot operated pedal to engage the tyre bead breaker.)
  • V3 - Mounting head pneumatic postioning + Ergo control (22" only)
  • V4 - Mounting head pneumatic positioning + Tecnoroller NG (22" only)
  • V5 - Ergo Control
  • V6 - Ergo Control + Tecnoroller NG (no foot pedal - the operator uses fingertip control to operate the bead breaker by moving the lever left or right to determine it engaging or disengaging)
  • V8 - Tyre leverless system + Ergo control + Tecnoroller NG
  • IT - Integrated  Inflation Tubeless System
  • WDK - WDK certification

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