Wheel Service Equipment

Wheel & Tyre Service Equipment

The HPA range of Tyre Changers, Wheel Balancers and Wheel Aligners covers all requirements. For instance the Tyre Changers start with the basic, entry level Tyre Changer M320 and through various models (as shown on the Tyre Changer page) to the top of the range M928 Royal. This Tyre Changer can cope with sports tyres with low profile and special Run Flat tyres. Wheel sizes of up to 28". Pneumatic tubeless re-seating and inflation assistant.

Wheel Balancers are ever increasingly evolving to keep pace with new tyre technology - the latest Wheel Balancers from HPA provide a range that will meet most needs, with features such as touch screen interfaces, electronic wheel clamping, automatic balancing, wheel LED light and laser positioning.

Wheel Alignment systems use wireless technology and user friendly software for the accuracy required by vehicle manufacturers. Clear easy to understand graphics combined with step by step adjustment procedures which are completely animated result in adjustment made accurately in real time.