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Second Hand 2 Post Lifts vs New Far Eastern Sourced Lifts

There are many very cheap two post lifts imported from the far-east available on the market which, for the independent repairer, look excellent value for money. However, a refurbished European manufactured lift can have many advantages over their budget-priced options.

Far Eastern vehicle lifts are predominately designed to suit the American market which requires larger lifts that are oversized for modern European vehicle requirements. The lift dimensions take advantage of the generous size of the US workshops with land and property prices and the size of their vehicles being a consideration.

We constantly come into contact with customers who have previously bought such lifts with the same story. “No one is stocking spare parts” or the design of the lift have changed as the lift go through constant redesigns and revisions to iron out the problems. Lifts from reliable European manufacturers with good histories, take a pride in supporting their equipment long after their design life. Specialist dealers in the UK will be more likely to stock parts because the models are more developed and less subject to change. They are designed to suit the full parc of European vehicles and comply with all current legal requirements.

So a guaranteed refurbished used lift or a new far east import hiding behind a spurious brand name? We know where our money would be.