Exhaust Extraction

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Exhaust nozzle c/w vice clamp

Exhaust nozzle c/w vice clamp

Exhaust nozzle c/w vice clamp.

£170.00 Ex. Vat more

Spike Nozzle.  Nederman Part No. 20867261  Straightset Part No. EXH000041/3

Spike Nozzle. Nederman Part No. 20867...

*Spike Nozzle. Nederman Part No. 20867261 Straightset Part No. EXH000041/3

£225.00 Ex. Vat more

Y Piece c/w Nozzles

Y Piece c/w Nozzles

Y piece c/w nozzles suitable for general use

£420.00 Ex. Vat more

Y piece with Spike nozzles

Y piece with Spike nozzles

Exhaust extraction Y piece c/w spike nozzles

£550.00 Ex. Vat more

Exhaust Extraction Equipment

Straightset have years of experience installing Exhaust Extraction Systems. Our Exhaust Extraction Systems are installed with reliable, heavy duty retractable reels, with crushproof or crush recoverable hoses and a range of nozzles to suit all vehicles.

We use some of the most powerful but yet quietest fans available on the market, . Of course we wouldn't be STRAIGHTSET if we didn't also offer a variety of options to suit any garage and so Fixed point Exhaust Extraction Systems, Track Rail Exhaust Extraction Systems and In-Ground stow-away exhaust extraction systems are all available, custom designed and installed to suit your requirements.

We stock a wide range of different adaptors for existing Exhaust Extraction System and we are keen to find the right nozzle to suit the vehicles you are servicing.
Our garage equipment service contracts will maintain your LEV, Exhaust Extraction system in line with your legislative obligations and help you keep your workshop running and safe.
Vehicle exhaust fumes are dangerous, it is important that the systems are installed and maintained correctly. It is an Health and Safety Issue.
Eliminating vehicle exhaust keeps your employees, equipment and facility healthy and in good working order
Whenever there is a need to run combustion engine vehicles indoors, there is a need for vehicle exhaust extraction. It can be hard to realize how quickly vehicle exhaust emissions from a cold-start engine can reach toxic levels within a closed building. It’s actually only a matter of minutes. Repeated exposure to hazardous and carcinogenic exhaust fumes at lower levels can wreak dire health effects over time.
Without control and removal, the vehicle exhaust can lead to:
•worker illness
•heavier facility maintenance
•damage to the sensitive electronics in servicing equipment