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Cometi produce a range of Spraybooths and Smart repair units to suit all bodyshop requirements. With over thirty years experience in the market they have always guaranteed safety, reliability and proper performance. Their brand new Spray Booth/Oven CORAL has "sandwich" type side panels, 55mm thickness, manufactured in galvanised pre-painted iron sheets insulated with glasswool, interlocked to one another without welding points, thus avoiding future rust problems.

The power unit and extractor fan are reliably manufactured to guarantee proper air diffusion, balanced ventilation and assure a very fast exhaust of overspray.  The high efficiency heat exchangers, manufactured totally in stainless steel  ensures a long working life.  Available in several technical configurations, the air treatment system of the exhaust unit will dramatically reduce environmental pollution, and preserve personnel health.  Double intake forward blade fans and belt-driven motors ensure the best performance at every installation.

The control panel can be either electro-mechanical, with pressure stabiliser with step by step motor controlling exhaust damper, or equipped with inverters, PLC and touch screen display.  The control panel is simple to use, giving the painter total control of every working cycle.

The ceiling filters, installed in rolls, guarantee a perfect seal and filtration.  Mounted on oblique panels inclined at 45 degrees at the sides of the filters, the light groups ensure that light has perfect distribution over the booth. They are protected by specially secured laminated glass.  The refined design of the frontal element is equipped with large windows which can be supplied with either rubber gaskets or trimmed metal frames.  The personnel service door comes with either spring locks or anti panic crossbar handle.  The white spray booth comes with a choice of trim colours; red, dark or light blue, yellow, white or green.

This reliable and long lasting spray booth can be made to your individual specific requirements and features -

Front doors with 2, 3 or 4 shutters

Power units with various air capacities

Extractor fans with various air capacities and filtration type

Wide choice of dimensions in width, height and length

Various types of metallic basements or masonry pit extraction

Spray booth/oven mod. CORAL -

High performance





Wide range of versions

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