Brake Tester Class VII Standard

Brake Tester Class VII Standard

Brake Tester Class VII Standard Form

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Roller Brake Tester suitable for Standard Class VII Testing.

Roller Brake Tester for Cars and Transporters.

Supplied with

One piece Roll set. Full plastic corundum coated test rolls.  200mm. Splash-proof spur gear motors. 2 x 5.5kw driving power. Switch in guard of the motors on foreign drive (wrong driving out at standing rolls). Modern DMS System that does not need much maintenance. Start and re-start automatic. Switch off automatic. Starting anti blocking. Manual control via cable remote control and Deadman switching. Single wheel switching. Switch cabinet with two big analog displays. Drive-in Control Lamp. Blocking signal working in relation to sides. Lockable Main switch. Digital Brake power difference display. PC interface. Automatic change of measuring range. Preparation for the connection of an Axle Tester AT 1002. Preparation for the connection of and axle weight balance.

The price includes *Delivery and Installation on a prepared Site but excludes any Building or Electrical Work.

(* Delivery Mainland UK within 150miles of Worksop.)

Manufacturer: AHS

Country of origin: GERMANY

Basic Specification:

HEIGHT (MM):Roller set: 250mm. Display Cabinet:
LENGTH (MM):Roller set: 680mm
WIDTH (MM):Display Cabinet: 800mm. Roller set: 2,940.00. Test width min/max 850/2660mm.
DEPTH (MM):Display Cabinet: 250mm.
LIFTING CAPACITY:Max. axle load allowed: 4000kg.
OPERATION VOLTAGE:380v, 32 A delayed action