ATL Testing Facility, Class IV

ATL Testing Facility, Class IV

18,855.00 Ex. VAT

ATL Testing Facility, Class IV Form

Class IV ATL Testing Facility

Supplied with:

1 x AHS Multiflex 06 ATL Brake Tester with Weighbridge built into Roller Bed with 4 no. sensors, PC desk with 17" flat Screen and Printer. Picaro software configured to VOSA specification. Remote control handset for safe use of Brake Tester.

1 x OMA 524JC, 4-Post, 4 Tonne Lift which has a built in Straightset ST2500 Play Detector complete with hand control. Play Detector is integral part of Lift utilitising the same hydraulic system.

1 x Set of Roller Bearing Turning Plates.

1 x OMA 542A, 2 Tonne Jacking Beam, Manual.

1 x ATL Approved Headlight Tester.

Optional Items:

The price includes *Delivery and Installation on a prepared Site but excludes any Building or Electrical Work.

(* Delivery Mainland UK within 150miles of Worksop.)

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Country of origin: VARIOUS

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