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Commercial Vehicle Brake Tester. A.T.F. Approved. Nussbaum 0986 400 C71N BT Visio H.G.V. A.T.F.

Commercial Vehicle Brake Tester. A.T.F...

Nussbaum Commercial Brake Tester approved for A.T.F. Testing and Class III,IV,V,VL,VII.

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Headlight Beam Tester, Tecnolux 2400/UK/R/HV

Headlight Beam Tester, Tecnolux 2400/U...

Tecnolux Mechanical Headlight Beam Setter. Model no. 2400/UK/R/HV. VOSA Approved for all Classes including H.G.V. Rotating column with mirror visor for accurate alignment to vehicle. Easy adjustment of Sliding mechanism for vertical movement by means of Self Lubricating Sliders. Luxmeter with analogue scale. H base with double rail which gives a solid base for consistant results. Suitable for all headlight types including Xenon.

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Play Detector. Nussbaum SPID 20000

Play Detector. Nussbaum SPID 20000

A.T.F. Approved Hydraulic Axle Play Detector for trucks. Including galvanised Foundation frame.

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