1/4" Lubricator. Part No. AIR000032 or L07-200-MPQG


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1/4" Lubricator. Part No. AIR000032 or L07-200-MPQG Form

Norgren 1/4" Lubricator, Part No. AIR000032 or L07-200-MPQG

  • Compact design
  • Provides air line lubrication to one or more air driven tools or other devices
  • Nearly constant oil density output with varying air flow
  • All around (360°) visibility of the sight-feed dome simplifies installation and adjustment
  • Screw-on bowl reduces maintenance time
  • Can be disassembled without the use of tools or removal from the air line

Technical Data

Fluid: Compressed air

Maximum pressure:
Transparent bowl: 10 bar (150 psig)
Metal bowl: 17 bar (250 psig)

Operating temperature:*
Transparent bowl: -20° to +50°C (0° to +125°F)
Metal bowl: -20° to +80°C (0° to +175°F)
* Air supply must be dry enough to avoid ice formation at temperatures below +2°C (+35°F)

Start point (i.e., minimum flow required for lubricator operation):
0,24 dm3/s (0.5 scfm) at 6,3 bar (90 psig) inlet pressure

Typical flow at 6,3 bar (90 psig) inlet pressure at 0,3 bar (5 psig)
pressure drop:
1/8" ports: 5 dm3/s (10 scfm)
1/4" ports: 6,7 dm3/s (14 scfm)

Nominal bowl size: 31 ml (1 fluid ounce)

Drain connection: 1/8" pipe

Recommended lubricants: See page N/AL.8.900.935

Body: Zinc
Transparent: Polycarbonate
Metal: Zinc
Sight-feed dome: Transparent nylon
Elastomers: Neoprene & nitrile

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