B325 Evo

B325 Evo

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B325 Evo Electronic Wheel Balancer for car, van and motorcycle wheels.

Main features:-
19” Monitor.

The control weight programme suite which includes Minimal Weight. This software allows a significant reduction of balancing weights, through the analysis of different threshold values, according to the vehicle type: fast or slow (unique on the market).

The spin unit provides functional features such as reduced cycle time, measuring wheels weighing up to 75kg and wheel balancing with inside offset of up to 275mm without using additional spacers. The innovative drive and zero maintenance ensure maximum reliability.

Electronic input of wheel diameter and distance with AUTOSEL function which automatically activates the balancing programmes, avoiding keypad selection.

LED spotlight to light up the work area and make it easier to clean the rim, check the wheel and apply weights. The adhesive weights can be positioned extremely rapidly using the laser pointer.

Technical data:-
Supply voltage: 115/230V, 1Ph, 50/60Hz
Total power absorption: 122 W
Shaft diameter: 40mm
Noise level when running: <70 dB (A)
Max unbalance value calculated: 999g
Unbalance measurement accuracy: 1 g
Spinning speed: 90 – 130 r.p.m.
Rim diameter setting range: 1” – 35”
Rim diameter measurable: 10” – 28”
Rim width setting range: 1.5” – 20”
Max wheel/machine distance: 275mm
Max wheel width (with guard): 600mm
Max wheel diameter (with guard): 1117mm
Max wheel weight (ground fastening): 75kg
Average measuring time: 7s
Machine weight (without accessories): 75kg.

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